Melting snow – some Spring haiku

Here are some Spring-themed haiku of my own doing. The syllable count is as far from perfect as the haiku themselves.

Pheasants dancing
right at my door
A spring waltz

Snow like feathers
falling one by one
from the blue sky

A tiny wind
shakes yesterday’s snow
from the pines

The New Moon
meets the Evening Star
behind the pine

Southerly wind
on the hard snow
makes pine seeds fly

The Sun’s ghost
barely visible
Fingers freeze

The Evening Star
shakes her veil of clouds
as I come home

Windy morning
Hawk chasing dove
Didn’t catch

The Sun peeks
from behind the clouds –
icicles dripping

A yellohammer
drinks from a puddle
of melted snow

cast funny shadows
in the April sun

Mind is bright
but windows are dusty
in the April sun

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