Birds on a Wire – Some More Spring Haiku

HERE are again some haiku of my own making. The syllable count is as far from perfect as the haiku themselves.

These haiku have been written during the Spring of 2017, which has been exceptionally cold in Finland. We had snow falling on June 1st!

April snow
immensely white
– Must squint

A finch hits
the living room window
– a second time

A May breeze
moves the pine tops
lets the sunshine in

The Sun emerges,
glitters in puddles of
just melted snow

The Sun gleams
through a girl’s skirt
– My eye lingers

A lonely curlew
cries over the medow
seeking love

At half past five
a lark wakes me up
– I don’t mind

The Sun rises
long before me
like the birds

Sparrows discuss
in the hawthorn bushes
without tea

A flycatcher
on the fence waits for
Summer’s first fly

gather around crocuses
and horsedung

Cat chases
squirrel up a shadbush
– dare not follow

A pair of doves
on the streetlight wire
grooming in rain

Sound of the wind
Sad hoot of a dove
in the last light

At midnight,
cold rain, cold sorrow
no moonlight

A cold drizzle
melts the last patches
of Winter’s snow

Midnight rain
melts the last snow
– Anemone buds

On the lawn
still brown after Winter
a wagtail dances

One by one
spots of snow vanish
– Spring wind

Though last snow
lingers under the firs
finches rejoice

The last snowman
dirty under the May sun
still stands

Budding leaves
shiver in the birches
– Snow in June

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