Frozen Leaves – Some Autumn Haiku

HERE is again a small collection of home made haiku. Most are notions on nature in the autumn.

All the haiku have been previously published in Twitter. If you want to read more of my haiku, they are available here.

With shaking hands
old man writes his letter
on yellowed paper

Cat coils in the warmth
on the top of the fridge
Licking her ass

A wet morning
The cat going out turns
Hurries back in

Somewhat puzzled
the cat shakes her paws
First snow

In October
stubborn mayweeds
between stones

Spider’s traps
become visible
in autumn mist

Seashore pines
in the autumn mist
almost vanish

Morning mist
quite like watercolor
blurs the town

Leaf by leaf
in the evening wind
birches undress

The wind is high
Yellow leaves from birches
rain in bursts

October rain
strips the last leaves
that wind forgot

In the wind
wet maple leaves
try to fly

In the Town Hall Park
a jackdaw is startled
by a falling leaf

A piercing wind
runs along narrow streets
Jackdaws playing

An old crow
never minding trucks
delights in roadkill

Sparrows bathing
in a middle-of-street puddle
barely escape cars

With a tiny clink
a frozen lilac leaf
shatters on ice

Frozen rowan berries
falling on the pavement
like jingle bells

Wet snow slashes
almost horizontally
on the bus window

Wet ice glitters
under Christmas lights
Longing for snow

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