Who is Futoi yatsu?

In Japanese, futoi yatsu is ”a fat guy”.

Futoi yatsu is a middle-aged man from Kempele, Finland. He is fascinated by manga (Japanese graphic novels) and anime (Japanese animation).

In this blog, most genres of manga are covered, but there is an emphasis on older manga and gekiga. The author’s favourite artists include Osamu Tezuka, Sanpei Shirato, Noboru Oshiro, Jiro Taniguchi and Daijiro Morohoshi.

Sometimes, this blog also tells about new manga that is still largely unknown in the west.

This blog is usually updated about once a week.

My sincere apologies to all English-speaking readers: Most of the texts are in Finnish.

But don’t despair. I have a proud plan of translating some of the articles into (bad) English – if I can find the time and energy. Follow the ”Articles in English” link above.

By e-mail, you can reach Futoi yatsu at veli.holopainen(at)gmail.com.


Veli Holopainen is the copyright holder of the texts in this blog.

Images are property of the copyright holders of each work reviewed in this blog.

Veli Holopainen grants a general right to freely use the texts of this blog for any purpose, on the condition that the source and it’s url futoiyatsu.wordpress.com are mentioned. No rights to the images are granted.



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